Best Taper Fade with Design: 10 Handsome Looks for 2023

 Best Taper Fade with Design: 10 Handsome Looks for 2023

Unleash Your Style with These Trendy Haircuts

The taper fades with design has been gaining popularity recently, and 2023 is no exception. With so many variations and options, making a statement with your hair has always been challenging. This article has compiled ten handsome looks incorporating taper fades with creative designs. Whether you prefer minimalist lines or intricate patterns, there’s a style here for everyone.

Abstract Geometric Design:

Taper Fade with Design

This look combines clean lines and sharp angles for a bold and modern appearance. The taper fade provides a smooth transition from the hair on top to the shaved sides, while the geometric design adds an artistic touch.

Double Razor Line Fade:

Taper Fade with Design

The double razor line fade is a sleek and stylish option for those who want to keep it simple. Two parallel razor lines are etched into the fade, creating a subtle yet striking look.

Swirling Fade:

Taper Fade with Design

The swirling fade is a perfect choice for those who appreciate a more intricate design. This style features a taper fade with a swirling pattern carved into the hair, creating a mesmerizing effect.

Starburst Fade:

Taper Fade with Design

Make a statement with the starburst fade, which features a star-shaped design carved into the taper fade. This look is perfect for those who want to stand out.

Tribal-Inspired Design:

Taper Fade with Design

Drawing inspiration from tribal patterns, this look incorporates bold lines and shapes for a unique, eye-catching style. The taper fade serves as the perfect canvas for the intricate design.

Curved Line Fade:

Taper Fade with Design

The curved line fade offers a minimalist yet stylish option for those who prefer a subtler design. A curved line is carved into the fade, adding elegance to the overall look.

Textured Crop with Design:

Taper Fade with Design

This look combines a textured crop on top with a taper fade and a creative design on the sides. The result is a fashionable haircut that offers both texture and visual interest.

Checkerboard Fade:

Taper Fade with Design

For a playful and eye-catching look, consider the checkerboard fade. This style features a checkerboard pattern shaved into the taper fade, creating a fun and unique appearance.

Faded Arrow Design:

Taper Fade with Design

The faded arrow design is minimalist and modern, making it a versatile option for any occasion. An arrow shape is carved into the taper fade, adding a touch of sophistication to the haircut.

Freestyle Design:

Taper Fade with Design

Unleash your creativity with a freestyle design. This look allows you to incorporate any design of your choice into

The taper fades, providing endless possibilities for personal expression. The options are limitless, from your favorite sports team logo to a meaningful symbol.


Taper fades with designs are an excellent way to showcase your style and add flair to your haircut. With so many options, you can find the perfect look to match your personality and taste. Whether you opt for a minimalist razor line, an intricate tribal pattern, or a playful checkerboard design, you’ll turn heads with your handsome and trendy haircut in 2023.


Taper Fade with Design: Frequently Asked Questions

What is a taper fade?

A taper fade is a popular haircut where the hair on the sides and back of the head gradually tapers in length, fading from longer to shorter or even completely shaved. The transition can be subtle or dramatic, depending on your preference.

How do I maintain a taper fade with the design?

Regular visits to your barber are essential to keep your taper fade and the design fresh. Most people need a touch-up every 2-4 weeks, depending on how quickly their hair grows. In between visits, use a quality pomade or styling product to keep the hair on top, styled, and in place.

Can I get a taper fade with a design if I have curly hair?

Yes, a taper fade with design can be done on all hair types, including curly hair. A skilled barber can adapt the style to suit your hair texture.

How do I choose the right design for my taper fade?

Consider your style, interests, and the statement you want to make. You can opt for a minimalist design, like a single razor line, or a more intricate pattern, like a tribal or geometric design. Consult your barber for suggestions and ideas based on your preferences and hair type.

How long does it take to get a taper fade with the design?

The time it takes to get a taper fade with the design varies depending on the design’s complexity and the barber’s skill. Typically, a standard taper takes around 30 minutes to an hour to fade with a simple design.

How much does a taper fade with design cost?

The cost of a taper fade with design depends on the barber, location, and design complexity. On average, you can expect to pay between $20 and $50 for a haircut with a design. Some intricate designs may cost more.

Can I do a taper fade with the design myself?

While cutting your hair and creating a design yourself is possible, it is generally best to have a professional barber do it, especially if you are inexperienced with haircutting or want a complex design. A skilled barber can create a clean, precise taper fade and design that will look great and last longer.

Will the design grow out with the taper to fade?

The design will gradually fade as your hair grows and become less distinct. Depending on your hair growth rate, you may need to visit your barber every 2-4 weeks to maintain the design and taper fade.

Can I change the design on my taper fade?

Yes, you can change the design on your taper fade during your regular touch-up appointments. Your barber can create a new design or modify the existing one based on your preferences.

Is taper fades with designs suitable for professional settings?

While some taper fade designs can be more daring and bold, there are also minimalist and subtle designs that can be appropriate for professional settings. When choosing a design, consider your workplace culture and dress code to ensure your haircut aligns with the environment.

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